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Mashable’s best video editing apps and platforms

We’ve been posting a lot about low-cost marketing activities that you can do yourself.  One of the most popular activities is videos.  Creating videos can help to publicize you, your book, or your subject area.  The hardest part about videos is editing.  We rarely get things perfect the first time around and always want the finished product to be spotless.

Mashable posted two lists on the topic of video editing.

First, there is a list of editing apps.  These are mobile programs that allow you to edit videos on your mobile device.  Usually, these apps are free and let you add tiny tweaks, like filters and transitions.

The other list is of editing software and platforms.  These types of programs are a little more involved. They require a certain amount of trial and error (and expertise) but the results are noticeably more professional. You can cut and paste scenes, add text, and upload directly to video sites (like YouTube and Vimeo). These programs can be expensive so make sure to investigate the differences in features and buy based only on what you will actually use.

Be sure to look at the videos created by your colleagues in order to get a feel of what others are doing.  Ask around, as a recommendation from someone who knows you is usually the best bet. And if you need any tips, feel free to reach out to us.