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Mashable: 14 Facebook Tools

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Mashable did a round-up of some lesser-known Facebook functions. Many of these tools are aimed at those who used Facebook Ads and Pages. But some of this information is valuable for authors who use Facebook to promote themselves or connect with friends.

Facebook is a very important site when you are promoting yourself and connecting with your audience. Knowing about these tools and playing around with their functionality will enhance your profile and online presence.

Here are the most important ones to be aware of: 

Browse: This tool filters content that you haven’t seen yet and is related to any topic.  It is valuable if you are looking for new friends, pages, etc.

Export Your Calender:  If you are an avid Facebook Events user, you may have a calender full of conferences, book signings, appointments, and birthdays.  This tool allows you to export Facebook Events to another calender (like iCal, Outlook, or Google Calender) so all of your scheduled events will be in one place.

Facebook Desktop Chat: Many people now use Facebook Chat instead of email, Instant Message programs, or GChat. If you want to avoid going back to your FB page each time a message comes in, use the messenger tool. It pops the chat functionality right to your desktop.

Related, Chat Keyboard Shortcuts: This makes Chat easier to navigate.

Interests: When you add “interests” to your profile, Facebook automatically collects feeds from those key areas.  This is valuable for keeping up with the latest news updates.

View As: If you set privacy guidelines for photos and other status updates based on your friends lists, you can use the View As function to see what they see.

Mashable: Tools for a Killer Presentation

There may come a time when you are tasked with making a presentation. Whether it be for a big business meeting or an academic lecture hall, it is important to keep your audience engaged.

Today’s presentation tools go beyond the Microsoft Powerpoint program you may be used to.  A whole slew of tools now exist that can fancy up your presentation to keep people interested.

Mashable created a list of some of these tools.  Some of the listed sites are free and some are paid but they are all worth checking out.

Some allow you to store your presentation in the cloud, like Google Presentations on Google Dcs.

Prezi is one of the most creative and impressive tools.  This site features a variety of templates and allows you to make non-linear presentations. I’ve used this tool myself and it creates very cool visualizations of even the most boring material.

Keynote is both an app for Apple products and a iWork integration that allows you to create presentations, arrange slides, record voice-overs, and sync with an HD screen.

Click here to read the entire list.