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5 free photo-editing tools

Blogs and websites, even social media sites, are nothing without visual stimulation. You can’t promote your work in a massive chunk of text without engaging images to catch your visitor’s eye. That said, not everyone is the next Bill Brandt and we don’t all own top of the range digital SLR cameras. We do have access to some fantastic free photo editing software right under our noses though.

Befunky.com – a free service with paid upgrades available for special features. The site also has an app version so you can take photos with your smartphone and edit and upload on the go. It’s in the name really, the program is full of funky effects for your images as well as all the regular cropping/adjusting tools you would expect.

photoscapePhotoscape.org – popular with less-knowledgeable users as it is easy to follow and pretty self-explanatory. Offers a really handy ‘Batch Processing’ option which allows you to retain continuity across all your images and apply the same effects/styles on lots of photos at the same time. This should be FREE when downloaded from the publisher’s site; beware of bogus websites charging for the software.

pixlrPixlr.com – offers a choice of three downloads: pixlr- omatic (playful), for the beginner; Pixlr express (efficient), for those in a rush; and Pixlr Editor (advanced) if you want everything it can offer. Over 600 effects available, including overlays and borders.

fotoflexerFotoflexer – use this service online without having to download any software. It allows you to edit photos from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket and more. You can retouch, add logos and insert text too. Quick and simple to use from a private or public computer.

photoplusseSerif PhotoPlus SE– a free version of Serif’s established image editor, now available for Windows users. A few tools and features are disabled from the paid-for product but, if you know how, it has great capabilities as a photo editor. If you’re a Photoshop user you’ll have no problems; it’s a similar style and set-up.