How to email like it’s 2014


As a society accustomed to instant communication: text, voice and video calls, instant messaging, email can often feel clunky. Back in October, the platform formally known as Ping, now Hop, debuted as an alternative to traditional email with the message: “Your email. Reimagined:” Part e-mail, part instant messaging, Hop folded voice, text messaging and video calls into one as “to create a more streamlined, instantaneous process.”

Hop, Viber, the-newly-sold-for-$19-billion-dollars-to-facebook whatsApp, there is a clear move towards enhanced instant communication. While as of now the platforms are typically utilized within one’s personal realm, there is much potential already shifting towards professional use. With platforms offering capabilities such as instantaneously promoting a newly published paper, dispersing videos highlighting your research, keeping current on breaking edge discoveries… enhanced email could potentially combine the instantaneous features of social media with the personal and professional reach of email.

Sound Off: Email like it’s 2014? Is enhanced email the wave of the future or a soon to be fleeting trend.

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