How to be (more) interesting


It’s Friday, the weekend (and Super Bowl XLVIII) abounds, you’ve got plans… Perhaps you’re off to a party, maybe preparing for an interview, perchance presenting at a conference. The common denominator being you’ve got to keep it interesting. Sound lofty? Au contraire, much of our day to day requires we captivate.

A few weeks ago we spoke with serial entrepreneur (and Wiley author) Larry Myler.  We interviewed Larry in regards to his large social media presence. When inquiring how to establish an online presence, he told us his secret which simply put is, “be interesting,” a tenant that in context may have stemmed from social media but in practice is universally applicable.

As enthralling as we most certainly all already are, a few tips never hurt. Forbes conveniently published a ten step guide (complete with sketches), reminding us how to stay fascinating. Check out a few of our favorite tips below:

  • Give it a shot: Try it out. Play around with a new idea. Do something strange. If you never leave your comfort zone, you won’t grow.
  • Embrace your innate weirdness: No one is normal. Everyone has quirks and insights unique to themselves. Don’t hide these things—they are what make you interesting.
  • Do something. Anything: Read. Write. Talk. Build. Network. Play. Help. Create. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it.

Read How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps) in full and check out all of Larry Myler’s tips in our recent interview.

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