Alzheimer Nederland engages youth

Ever misplace a pair of glasses? Been guilty of searching for a set of keys? Slight memory lapses are common yet to imagine the plight of an Alzheimer’s sufferer is to most, incomprehensible.

Alzheimer Nederland, a Dutch Alzheimer’s group, launched a Facebook campaign to engage younger audiences in the fight against dementia. The tag and photo functionalities of Facebook were employed in the campaign to let people experience, just for a moment, the impact of Alzheimer’s disease in their own familiar surroundings.

Users didn’t even have to Like Dutch Alzheimer’s Facebook page to get the message, instead, the advocacy group partnered with unrelated organizations on Facebook to spread the message, bolstering the confusion, furthering the effect. The effort, which ran in December, tagged random users in photos taken at events they did not attend. The users then received the message: “Confusing, right? You’re now experiencing what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s disease.”

Alzheimer Nederland’s campaign shows how untraditional application of social media can powerfully convey a message, compelling both users and non-users alike to attention; In this case it’s providing awareness, though the possibilities for transcending demographics and platforms are endless.

Want to know more? Visit the Alzheimer Nederland website and browse our library of social media posts.

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