Twitter-Powered Vending Machine


Twitter activating vending machine from Bos Ice Tea

Craving a vending machine goodie but out of cash? – No fear! The social media-powered vending machine is here.

On Thursday, Canadian telecommunications company Telus made headlines after placing a panda stuffed vending machine in a Vancouver mall. For every shopper who tweeted #HomeTweetHome, Telus donated $1 to WWF Canada, the conservation group, while dispensing a stuffed panda.  This whole project was captured on video

Other companies have participated in similar endeavors. In 2012, Pepsi unveiled a machine in the United States that distributed free drinks to fans who “liked” the brand on Facebook. The same year, South African company BOS Ice Tea unveiled the world’s first twitter-activated vending machine at Wembley Square in Cape Town. The machine issued samples of the Rooibos-based beverage to all who tweeted in the vicinity of the machine.

The companies’ creative take on Hashtag interaction reduces the ambiguity associated with measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Something to ponder:  Do these innovative examples of Hashtag engagement have you thinking outside of the box?

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