Richard Threlfall’s tips on revising your manuscript

ChemistryViews‘ series on submitting manuscripts continues with “After Submission and Handling Referee Comments: Manuscript Accepted or Revision Requested.”

In this post, Richard Threlfall writes about how to revise your manuscript after receiving reviewers’ comments.  This task can be the most difficult but considering suggestions from reviewers and “referees” is important for the publishing process. 

Here are some of Threlfall’s major points to consider:

  • Think about the reviewer’s comments in their broadest sense and try not to just alter the few things that they might have specifically mentioned.
  • If you believe that a suggestion is unreasonable or is not scientifically accurate, then say so.
  • Electronically highlight all the changes that you.
  • Thoroughly describe all the changes in a cover letter.

Threlfall states, “Marking the changes and explaining them clearly in your letter shows you are genuinely interested in improving your work and not trying to do just the minimum to get it published.”

Above all, it is important to examine a reviewer’s recommendations and address them as impartially as possible.

You can read Threlfall’s previous article about how to handle “unfair reviews” and what to do when your manuscript is rejected.

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