Some of the web’s best infographics

Last week, we wrote about using infographics to enhance presentations and engage with your audience.  One way to get a good feel of how to use infographics is by looking at some good ones. Luckily, many sites across the web compile the best infographics., for example, frequently posts some interesting infographics from around the web. Some of note are a scatter plot of where Waldo actually is and a graph about perfect preparation for Thanksgiving cooks.

Randy Krum, of CoolInfographics, wrote a book called “Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design” for Wiley.  You can read more about the title on the Wiley website. 

CreativeBloq compiled the 80 best infographics.

Kanter Information in Beautiful Award celebrates excellent data visualizations. You can view this year’s shortlist and last year’s winners here.

Take a minute to look through some of these lists and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which ones were most successful?
  • Is there a common thread that strings the good ones together?
  • How can you use these infographics as a guide for your own work?
  • Are there any good infographics you’ve seen and can share with your fellow authors?

Feel free to use the comments section to discuss your thoughts on infographics.


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