Some tips on joining LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with fellow academics, authors, and other professionals. The article from Social Media Today entitled “How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groups” provides 5 tips for choosing the right groups.

Of course its vital to pick a group that covers your area of interest.  But the most important thing is to evaluate the group’s overall engagement and ask yourself “Is this group of value to me and my work?” 

Here are some things to consider when picking a group: 

  • Are there a large group of members posting discussion topics or are two or three members contributing to the majority of group activity?
  • Are the most active members industry professionals with strong credentials?
  • Is there a strong element of “self-promotion” within discussion topics?
  • Is the moderator active or is the moderator a nameless user?
  • Is the group well managed?

Many groups allow you to browse through their message boards without becoming a member.  You can always lurk for a bit before pressing the “Join” button.   For LinkedIn groups, quality is more important than quantity.  

While some groups are more informal than others, active groups can be a great source for colleague engagement and an exchange of ideas. 


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