How to use infographs

In academic and corporate life, we are sometimes are tasked at creating presentations. Presentations can be time consuming and often end up bland and uninteresting. No matter how exciting the data may seem to you, it is sometimes hard to get pthers excited.

Engaging your audience is very important. In the past, we posted on slide design tools that can enhance a presentation and wrote a brief piece entitled “Illustrate your data.”

Today we are going to focus on infographs.

Infographs are graphic visual representations of data. They display complex information in an easily digestible way. They focus the viewer on larger trends and methodology. With a little bit of color, shape, and an interactive element, these graphic images can spice up your data and require zero design training.

Say you conducted a peer-survey and would like to share the results and trends. One type of chart, for example, can display the location of survey respondents on a world map.

Say you want to break down respondents by gender.  Well, there is an infographic for that! You can create a chart that uses male and female symbols to convey gender breakdowns.

These are two examples where it is  easier to digest data through an infograph (instead of just a simple bar or pie graph). 

With interactive tools, you can also create dynamic charts that instantly segment data.

Infographs are not always appropriate. Keep the audience in mind as well as the type of data. Infographs display data trends. They do not focus on tiny numerical details.

Here are some sites to check out:

Many sites require subscriptions and each site may work differently. So take a tour and browse through instructions and frequently asked questions. If you find value in data visualizations, these tools could be easily integrated into presentations.  Some people even use sites like to create dynamic, visual resumes.

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