Interview with Ann Okerson

Wiley Exchanges posted an interview with Ann Okerson.

There are many points that may be of interest to authors:

  • The SCOAP3 project: Okerson is a member of this international committee that works on transitioning high energy physics journals to a sustainable open-access business model. 
  • Her role at the Center for Research Libraries: As senior adviser on electronic resources, she supports digital activities, fosters collaborations, and supports the membership group of academic libraries and various partner consortia in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • Establishing LIBLICENSE: Okerson founded this organization in 1997 and serves as a moderator for the project. She is a strong advocate for fair and clear licensing of online resources. In the years since the founding, the landscape of publishing and learning has changed and LIBLICENSE has adapted.
  • The challenges facing librarians: From driving access to entering into research and academic partnerships, there are many ways to stay relevant in the changing landscape.
  • Opportunities for women in librarianship and leadership roles.

Click here to read the full interview on Wiley Exchanges.



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