Not into SEO? Learn about SMO (“social media optimization”)

SEO is dead. Long live social media optimization is one of the latest posts from The Guardian’s Social Media Marketing section.

With all of the changes to Google’s algorithms, it is hard to keep track of search engine optimization best practices. Also, there is some debate on the overall benefit of SEO. Tim Anderson referenced a post by Dan Graziano, Android editor for, that reported only 13% of Google search results are “organically displayed.” A report from Forester suggested a move towards “localized results” and searching on social media for information.

“At its best, [SEO] means no more than following best practice in creating clear, accessible web sites with intelligible content, meaningful titles, descriptive “alt” attributes for image, no broken links, and the rest of what makes for a high-quality web destination.” 

At times, strictly abiding to SEO principles can make a post less engaging to the reader.  If you are focusing on plugging in keywords instead of creating engaging content, the material will suffer.

As suggested in this article by Anderson, we should be focusing on “social media optimization.”

So what is “social media optimization”?

In a lot of cases, activities may be similar to what you are already doing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Use hashtags on every Tweet
  • Engage in a conversation instead of broadcasting a message
  • Listen to what others are saying and react
  • Post across social networks

Focus on the content first and then follow the guidelines.  Keep best-practices in the back of your head not only for blog posts and articles but also for social media posts and comments. Align content across platforms and sites to keep your message and voice consistent.

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