Some information for journal authors from author services

The information below is aimed at all current journal authors and those interested in contributing to one of our many journals.

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Read all about Wiley Online Library. Wiley’s next-generation content platform, delivers access to over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals to a global audience of 16 million scientists, researchers, and scholars, with millions of downloads per month.

Are you interested in submitting an article to one of our journals? Well, the vast majority of journals feature online submission, though each has its own submission process and standards.

Has your article been accepted?

Has your article already been published?

Visit our Author Services site* to:

  • Get free online access to your article at publication (many journals offer this feature; the access policy varies by journal).
  • Nominate up to 10 colleagues or specialists to gain free access to your published article (this policy varies by journal).

Scholarly & Academic Publication Ethics

Wiley adheres to the most rigorous publishing standards for all of the journals it publishes. For your reference, these guidelines are available for your review on our Author Services Site.

*Note: Not all journals are included in our Author Services site at present. If a journal is not listed on the site, please visit the journal home page on Wiley Online Library for contact information and other publication details.

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