features blog and how-tos for authors

visit is a site where authors can gain access to a number of tools for publishing their own eBooks. The site offers cover design services, distribution with vendors, file conversion, and website hosting (through HostBaby).

The most notable part of their site is the BookBabyBlog. This blog has a lot of great information on how to write, publish, and promote your titles.

11 Must-Haves for Author Websites calls attention to important website elements like:

  • biographies about yourself and your career,
  • links to testimonials, profiles, and interviews written about your work or your career,
  • and a “call to action” (where you ask your reader to do something, like ask for more information, buy a book, or attend a reading).

How to edit your own book: Tips for authors on the revision process

Blogging for Authors: How to Spend Less Time Coming Up w/ Your Next Article Idea

There is also a section where you can download free how-to publishing guides about a variety of topics, including blogging, growing your business, and print book design.

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One response to “ features blog and how-tos for authors”

  1. Pam says :

    Thank you for posting this – it’s very time appropriate.

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