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During our survey, we found out that many of you are teachers in some capacity.  Whether it be at a college or university or other educational institution, there is a lot of interest in reading about the state of STEM education.

This past week, New York Times published a special section entitled Learning What Works.  It features a variety of articles rooted in maths and sciences education.

Here are some of the articles that may be of interest to you as authors and educators:

  • Young Students Against Bad Science:  Profiles of students who took a stand against teaching “bad science” like creationism and climate-change denial.
  • Standard-Barer in Evolution Fight: A profile of Eugenie C. Scott, who fights teaching creationism in schools.
  • Field-testing the Maths Apps: Software developers are trying to create educational apps that teach pre-schoolers Math and other important subjects.  This article outlines some of the apps being developed and tested.
  • Guesses and Hype Give Way to Data in Study of Education:  The Institute of Education Sciences, a little-known group at the Department of Education, is now collecting rigorous data from experimental curriculum and other pilot programs. The expanding research from a variety of sources and angles may lead to more definitive conclusions about what education techniques work and which ones do not.
  • Milestones in Science Education: A timeline of various developments in science education, all the way back to the 1800s.

Do you have any thoughts about the state of STEM education?  If so, reply in our comments section.

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