General tips on starting a podcast

If you have the time and desire, podcasts are a great way to drum up interest in your work.

There are a lot of different types of podcasts. There are audio podcasts and video podcasts.  The content structure can vary. For example, a podcast can be a straight-forward interview format or feature monologues only.  You can create a call-in format or have an interview subject sit with you in person.  You can do a hang-out with your colleagues on Google or Skpe. It all depends on the space and technology available.

Once you figure out the type of program, you will want to brainstorm topics.  Even the most seasoned professionals occasionally run into issues with dead-air. Although these moments of silence are easily editable in the post-production process, it is important to prepare notes and potential talking points for when you start recording.

Just like with a blog, make sure your podcast has a brand and voice.  If you’ve already have a brand on your blog, make sure the podcast corresponds to what you’ve already established.  Your online image should flow through all of the social networks and platforms in order to help make that brand recognizable across the web.

Do your research on software options and read reviews.  Just as we suggested when it comes to choosing blogging software, your colleagues often offer the best recommendations. You will want to get quality microphones and headphones to assist with the initial recording of the ‘cast.  It is important to note that you may already have some of the tools required. For example, many Macs come pre-installed with programs like GarageBand (to edit the audio) and iMovie (to edit video).

Start small.  Aim for a 20 minute podcast and then build up to longer recordings once you are comfortable. Preview it to some colleagues and to others about their experience.

Once you are comfortable with the finished product, use your social networks to promote the recording. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all excellent sources of free promotion for your project.

Here are some links to browse about podcasting tips:

– Mashable’s 7 tips to launch a podcast
– Social Media Examiner published a list of 6 tips that includes suggestions by those with already successful podcasts
– Here is a list of reasons not to start a podcast, from

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