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Here at the blog, we’ve been talking a lot about how to promote yourself on social networks, specifically Facebook.  Sometimes it is hard to decide what to post and what not to post.

NPR’s All Tech Considered posted an interesting write-up on this subject.  Although the article is aimed more at personal Facebook pages, some of the information is valuable to you as authors.

For example, the author points out the three sources of Facebook regret: Underestimating consequences, unintended audiences or “Oops!” moments.

It is important to read over your post before submission and check for typos.  A misspelling of one word can lead a follower to misinterpret the post.  Although errors like this are easily fixable (except when using the mobile app), it can cause many headaches for you and your audience.

Are you thinking of the intended audience and setting the privacy configurations?  It is also to think about your public persona vs. your Facebook persona.  The article points out that many users “put on a show” when it comes to their Facebook posts.  Keep the boasting down and just be yourself.  Keep bragging to a minimum. Your followers will thank you.

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