Take Note and Promote: Interview with Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain

Next up in our ‘Take Note and Promote’ interview series, we speak to Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain who is an author of numerous papers in Civil Engineering.  As well as being an author, he is also a member of several international journal editorial boards including The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings. 

Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain’s impressive and well accomplished CV spans over 13 years in Civil Engineering and recent highlights include receiving the Gold Medal at the 41st International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland which is one of the largest invention shows in the world.

Let’s see what he has to say about his experiences of self-promotion throughout his career:

Write for Wiley: Why did you decide to start promoting yourself?

So that the people get to know about me and my achievements

When did you decide to start promoting yourself?

5 years ago

What is your major goal of self-promotion?

Sharing Knowledge among us

How many hours on average a week do you spend with marketing yourself? 

One hour / day

What do you enjoy most about promoting yourself? What do you enjoy the least?

I enjoy the networking and contacts that I make the most

Tell us about one successful experience you’ve had with self-promotion. 

Type my name in the Google and you will get to know about my success, its simply commendable and has been a great success.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?  Describe a situation that has been unsuccessful.

The biggest challenge for me was to prove that I am capable of doing much more than what usually people of my age group can do. I have been successful in doing so.

In your opinion, what are the best resources for an author (programs, contacts, social networks etc)?

The best resource for an author is his publications

What is one major thing you’ve learned through the self-promotion process? 

It is very important to show others what you have achieved in addition to actually achieving it in this first place

What advice do you have for someone who would like to market themselves but is short on time?

Make yourself visible and reachable online with an impression

If you would to participate in this series, just drop us an email at  authorblog@wiley.com

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