Illustrate your data

Use an infograph tool to create more than 30 chart types. Anything from bubble charts and treemaps to simple pie charts.

Do you have to present reams of data using Microsoft tools and want to create something that stands out? Or perhaps you want to create an info graph of your own work experience – to append to your CV? is an online tool that allows you to create graphs and present data in a much more attractive way. There’s a suit of free templates to use and you can publish your creations online.

Here’s an example created for Internet Penetration Trends:—Global-trends/

Hints and tips:

If you are copy and pasting data from excel, copy and paste it in to ‘notepad’ first. This will strip out any special characters and ensure that you don’t have any upload issues with the data.

Sometimes the graphs don’t configure correctly –this is normally because they prefer % over #s.

Like most online tools – works better in browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla or Safari. Internet Explorer causes temperamental behaviour and lots of frustration!

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