Spend your summer reading about social media

Summer is here and so is summer reading. Why not incorporate a book about new social media technology into your beach bag?

Here are few lists from around the internet.

  • Amazon allows its’ users to create their own lists.  Here is a results search from Amazon.com.
  • Earlier this year, Social Media Today posted a list with the 5 best social media books with brief reviews on each title.  Click here.
  • Neal Schaffer, of WindMill Networking, posted a list of the 20 best of 2012 that you should read in 2013.  Click here.
  • Search Engine Journal focused their 10 best list on the hot topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)s. Click here.
  • You can also check out GoodReads Social Media section. This social network for book-lovers allows users to post reviews of titles and recommend them to their friends. Click here to go to the Social Media page.

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Well, let us know in the comments section!

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One response to “Spend your summer reading about social media”

  1. N I Singh says :

    I have a list of good social media books available at http://www.nigcworld.com/wp/top-best-books-social-media-marketing/. I’ll be glad if you add it in your list.

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