Mashable on low-cost marketing tips

I saw a post on Mashable entitled 7 Marketing Tips for Bootstrapped Start-ups and thought the content could be valuable to our authors and contributors.

Many of you have expressed a desire to market yourselves but indicated a lack of time and resources. Lets go through each of their tips and see how they can be adapted to fit your goals.

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#1: Focus on the target customer

Like any business, you need to figure out who your target customer is. For an author, you will want to figure out who your reader is.  What are their behaviors?  Where do they go for their content?

#2: Build strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships for a business is pretty straight-forward. But what can you do as an author? How about joining up with your colleagues.  You can pool your resources and time and make more of an impact within the community.

#3: Engage in community outreach

You can reach out to local newspapers for interview opportunities.  You can guest-blog on prominent sites (click here for our guest blog how-to post).  This many expose you to a whole new audience of readers (and group of customers).

#4: Incentivize people to share

Just like a small business or start-up, you can conduct raffles and giveaways to your customers.  These can be small branded items, like a notepad, or even free copies of your book. Autographed or signed-copies are often of value depending on your prestige.

#5: Develop branded content

This goes back to that whole “finding your voice” thing we discussed a while ago.  It is important to create a brand for yourself that can be spread across all the social networks, websites, and your work. Any content influenced by your brand and voice will lead to long-term successes.

#6: Leverage social media

One of the things Mashable points out is the distinction between sharing “interesting and shareable content” and promotional content. You should think about which social networks will work best for your content. Mashable points out, for example, if you have visual content (like graphs and charts), you may want to focus on Pinterest as a platform. If links and text are your thing, focus on Blogs and Twitter.

#7: Apply for business awards

Winning awards is basically free press.  So if there are awards available in your subject area, apply for them.  Many times awards dinners are covered by local newspapers.  This can lead to more publicity and visibility for you and your books.

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