Google+ Hangouts On Air – What is it?

Google+ Hangouts On Air – What is it?

The main function of Google+ Hangouts is its free video chat service which enables group conversations of up to 10 people.  It can be used via desktop computers and mobile devices.

Of more interest to you as an author, is the “Hangouts on Air” feature which broadcasts these video conversations live on the Internet.  This means you have the one person who creates the conversation or ‘Hangout’ (they decide what the ‘Hangout’ will be about) and up to 10 guests who are able to participate in the video conversation.  The number of people viewing (not participating in) the broadcast is unlimited.

Watch a video about Google+ Hangouts On Air

This means you can create an on air conversation with your friends or colleagues to talk about your new book/title or anything else of interest, and then invite people to come watch it.

If you are not interested in creating or participating as a speaker of a “Hangout” you can always join a conversation.  This means you can sit back and watch other people’s conversations or debates for free!

For example Rohit Bhargava, the author of ‘Likeonomics’ is having a ‘Hangout on Air’ live tomorrow called ‘Publishing & Beyond: The Future of Content.’  Check out what his ‘Hangout’ will be about here.

If you can’t attend it then no worries, video conversations are recorded and are available on Google+.

See what other ‘Hangouts on Air’ are scheduled in

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