Vine App – Ways you can use it!

You have probably all heard about the new 7 second video app from Twitter, called Vine…but have you thought about ways you can use it?

There are many creative ways you can use this app to promote yourself, your new book or title.

For example you could create a short video to show off the front cover to your new book or create a teaser film to summaries your publication.  You could even use it to let your fans get an insight to who you are, what you like doing and who you admire.

It’s all about having fun by creating a short story whilst incorporating a message. How you do this is down to you.

The app is new and therefore gathering a lot of interest so use #firstpost when posting your video to make it more discoverable.  Your Vine video can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

The app can be downloaded via GooglePlay & iTunes

We would love to see your videos so please do share them with us.

We look forward to seeing them!

Vine App for Authors

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