Online Marketing & Publicity: Before Publication

This is part one of our Online Marketing and Publicity three-part series.

We will be talking about how to market your title before publication.

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Before publication simply means the time when the title has not hit the marketplace.

It is important to focus your self-promotion on creating buzz around the title.

You can do this in a number of ways.


One way is to reach out to trusted industry contacts or colleagues and ask them to review your title.  Online retailers, like, post pages for titles before they reach the market. This means that colleagues can post reviews before the book even comes out.

If you have an Amazon Author Page, you can use this tool to hone the information that appears on your page.  Although publishers manage of all the title promotion on Amazon, you can add additional information about yourself and make sure the information is the up-to-date.

Another thing you can do to drum up buzz is to use all of that community building from your social networks accounts.  Compose tweets related to the content in the months, weeks, or days leading up to the release of the book. Maybe share an interesting fact from the text or preview pages on Facebook or LinkedIn.

These activities will make people  interested in your title. The more they are interested in the book, the more likely they are to buy the book. Sometimes titles do not reach their full potential simply because few are aware the book exists.

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