Maintaining safety in a technology-based world

The modern world is very dialed in to technology.  We work online.  We shop online. We bank online. We even converse online.

Time Tech posted an interesting how-to guide for sustaining a secure computer and a safe online presence.

It is important to not only protect your personal information but also to safely store your documents and other files. You never know when a hardware freeze will strike. Hours and hours of work will disappear and you’ll be left to pick up the pieces.

The same tips also apply to our mobile devices. Smart phones are basically mini-computers we carry around all the time. It is a smart idea to set an entry password and keep your phone out of sight (especially to potential thieves).

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Here is a post from about online safety.

StaySafeOnline is an organization that focusing on online safety awareness and education. Their site contains a lot of great information and links for online users of all ages.

The Australian government maintains its own online-safety site through their Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.  The site includes a page about protecting your online identity.

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