Guest posting on blogs

Guest posts on blogs

Maintaining a blog can have lots of benefits, but can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. How do you stay innovative and avoid repeating the same post ideas each week? How do you keep your content creative and engaging? Most importantly, how do you keep your readers reading?

What’s a guest post?

A guest post is a piece of content published on a blogger’s site for free, by an external author. The guest post belongs to the author and is attributed to him/her. So, the author writes an article and shows it to the blogger; the blogger decides if the article fits his blog and if yes, publishes it on the site; the blogger and the author may arrange that the author promotes (i.e. shares) his post once it is published (this then drives more traffic to the blogger’s site).

Why have guest posts?

There are benefits for you, the blog owner, and your guest blogger. Your guest blogger will reach a new audience, build their brand, potentially increase their network and build links to their own site from an external source.

You’re getting free exclusive content from someone you feel will be of interest to your audience. You’ll get free targeted traffic from the guest bloggers own blog and/or site and in turn this could increase your network if regular followers of your guest bloggers’ site visit your site. Your blog will get a new, fresh perspective from someone else writing for it.

Why guest post on other people’s blogs?

Regular blog posting and guest blog posting, how different can the benefits be? Have a look at this demonstration and see for yourself…

no guest post pic

guest blog posting

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