How do I drive sales to online booksellers?

What you should do on all online booksellers

1. Encourage reviews. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your product page having positive customer reviews. We encourage you to ask your colleagues, professional peers, and other key influencers to write reviews for your book. Reviewers are not required to purchase the book from the site in order to post a review—all that is required is that they are registered users of the site. Focus on the key retailers that are included here.  Customer reviews help convert browsers to buyers and impact the buying decision.

2. Review your book’s product page. The content of your product page is key to the selling of your book. If something is missing (cover image or a review) or if something is incorrect (book description, publication date, or price, etc.), please let your editor know. You are truly our eyes and ears, and your help in making sure your pages are correct is very important.

3. Provide “bonus” content. Bonus content on a book’s product page increases sales. Submitted to the online bookseller as text, this “Bonus” content is simple to produce and can include: an author Q&A or article, checklists or tips, even recipes or interesting content that didn’t make it into your book. Focus on giving viewers something new, information that they wouldn’t know just from reading your book. Make them feel like they are getting something extra. Your editor can then work with the booksellers to have this content posted.

4. Whenever possible, use your custom “Buy the Book” page ( This URL links to all key retailers, including e-book sellers. If you have published more than one book with Wiley, please work with your editor to get a custom page with all of your titles developed. Download our guide to using your Wiley “Buy the Book” Page.


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