Amazon: Kindle ebooks now outsell print books in UK

Amazon announced yesterday that sales of their Kindle ebooks are far outstripping the sales of their print books.

Since the beginning of 2012, for every 100 hardback and paperback books sold on its UK site, 114 ebooks are downloaded. These figures apparently include sales of printed books which do not have Kindle editions, but exclude free ebooks.

It is important to note that these figures are specific to and don’t factor those print or ebook sales bought anywhere else online or in physical stores. Even so, this upsurge marks a definite shift in the publishing world.

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2 responses to “Amazon: Kindle ebooks now outsell print books in UK”

  1. J Michael Hollas says :

    The pirating of downloaded music is a great worry to the music industry. Should we be worried about pirating of e-books?

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