5 Low-Cost Social Media Marketing Strategies for Authors

Here at Wiley, we endeavour to market your book as effectively as possible. However there is no escaping that the best person to market your book is you!

Therefore, we would like to share 5 low-cost approaches to consider when using social media tools to generate sales for your book as suggested by the OPEN Forum.

1. Blogging. A blog is a good way of creating a central presence for your book. As an author you will have no shortage of content so can use this to maintain a lively blog using it as a place to repurpose your book content, post excerpts, post videos, share progress and updates etc. before and after your book has published. You can also use your blog to collect e-mail addresses and build an e-mail subscriber base. Blog content is also one of the best ways to increase the discoverability of  your book found by the search engines. You can optimise your content on your own, or you can use a service like Scribe to optimise content for you. Alternatively contact us or your marketer for advise.

2. Connect with fans in a meaningful way. Smart use of social media and using your content as an asset can help to build a strong fan base. Sharing content and offering insights based on your experience can also be a good way of building a vehicle for expert advice. By positioning yourself (subtly) as an expert, this can build up  loyal followers by engaging them in a two-way dialogue.

3. Bring your book to life on Facebook or Twitter. Your social media channels can easily become an extension of your book content. Build the anticipation for your book by sharing snippets, updates, progress.  Link any relevant news topics to your book, suggesting how it covers this or could help.

4. Enlist others to help spread the word. Creating a community of advocates to help promote your books can also be an effective strategy for spreading the word, especially if they are well-known in the field. Author Heather Hummel  successfully adopted this approach, developing “powerful friendships and alliances with other authors, which contributed greatly to my success.”

5. Create a video book trailer. Video’s can be a powerful promotional vehicle in helping to convince someone to read your book by teasing content and can help to open up a wider audience through the use of YouTube. In addition to posting and tagging your trailer on YouTube, you can also post the video to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, posting to relevant groups on LinkedIn could also raise interest however be sure to only post to groups that you are a member of to avoid the hard-sell. Videos do not have to be big-budget extravaganzas, a simple low-budget home movie can be just as effective.

See our previous post on using book trailers as a calling card here.

Source: OPEN Forum

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