What videos would be useful?

Any videos that you have related to your work with us are useful as long as they add something to the potential user. This could mean:

  • explaining why you’ve written the book/article
  • providing an outline of what your work covers
  • a practical demonstration of something cover
  • interviews you have given
  • a talk you’ve given on the same topic

These videos could consist of you talking to the camera, a film from a workshop or speaking over power point. There are some examples below or you can visit our YouTube channel over here to see all Wiley’s videos.

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One response to “What videos would be useful?”

  1. Alex O'Loughlin says :

    I am the Direct Marketing Manager for Physical Sciences Book and Journal Marketing (Globally).

    We need Authors, Journal or MRW contributors to take part in some new author videos. The film will be used to promote your latest publication or contribution to a Wiley Journal.We’ve enlisted the services of a professional broadcast team and so hope that the final film will be second to none.

    Contact me, Alex OLoughlin on +44(0)1243 770527 or email aoloughlin@wiley.com

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