Use SEO to increase your search engine rank and become return number 1

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves doing everything we can to ensure your book can be found easily via Google and the other search engines. In case you are not familiar, two key elements of SEO are relevancy and popularity.

Relevancy is about the text on the page and other information that the search engine reads.

Popularity is measured by the number of links to a page and the quality of those links. Getting good quality links to your book’s webpage is very important and you can help us with this.

Find out how it works from the Video below

How can I help?

  • Add a URL/link to your email signature, if you need any help with this please contact your marketer
  • Add URLs/links to your profile page on University sites, LinkedIn pages or blogs. These are seen as high value links.
  • Post links in social network sites and to share with colleagues and friends on facebook and twitter (if indeed you are using these for professional purposes). You can do this very easily by using the ‘bookmark and share’ tool on

To find out more on ‘how to optimize for search engines’ click here

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