Make the most of Linkedin

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which enables you to engage with colleagues in your industry, readers and recruiters.

Academia provides the second largest users of the site pipped only to the post by recruiters.

  • To get started, simply create your own account at
  • Create/edit your profile information including your CV
  • Connect with people you know – search for friends and colleagues already on LinkedIn. You can also send invitations to people who are not yet members.
  • Join groups. There are lots of special interest and professional groups.

Use Linkedin to promote your book by:

  • Referencing your book or latest articles in your CV – It’s one of your achievements. Reference the content and provide a link – so its easy for them to discover online.
  • Posting URLs for your contacts. You can include it in your “status” or include information on relevant group pages.
  • Follow and engage in discussion. Sometimes people like to post questions and problems. Be a part of the discussion and even post a link to your content (if it’s relevant). There’s nothing shameless in a bit of self promotion!

But how will this affect the marketing of my published content?

LinkedIn is a professional network filled with people looking to network to benefit their career. By setting your profile you can help people that work in the same area as you find out more about your book while connecting with people that might help you when you write your next one.

For more detailed information on online marketing and publicity speak to your wiley contact or click here

Visit LinkedIn and find out more about it here

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