How does’s search work? search

When a customer conducts a search on, search results are returned using algorithms which generate a list of books relevant to the search term and then rank those books according to sales ranking (based on total units sold) and availability.

Search Inside the Book Wiley submit as many books as possible for participation in amazon’s Search Inside the Book programme. Participation means when a customer conducts a search on amazon, the search engine searches Amazon’s entire database of Search Inside the Book content to return results based not only on title and bibliographic ‘hits’ but also on ‘hits’ generated by key phrases within a book’s text and table of contents. Research by Amazon has proved a positive correlation between books participating in Search Inside and increased sales.

How can I help to grow sales of my book on

Comment on your own book on On your book’s product page on is a ‘Feedback’ section which includes a link to ‘Author Comments’. This is your opportunity to tell’s customer’s about your book in your own words. Use this section to tell customers what your book’s product description doesn’t.

Customer reviews If you have colleagues or students who have read your book you could ask them to write a review of your book on using the ‘Customer Reviews’ tool. Please remember that reviews must be an honest reflection of what the reader thought of the book. Customer reviews have been proven by to increase sales.

Create Listmania lists The Listmania function on allows experts in any given field to create a list of ‘must-read’ books for other customers. By creating a Listmania list, you can include your own book’s alongside other important book on your subject. This will increase the visibility of your books on

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